ICT & Telecoms

Investment in telecommunications and digital networks has catalyzed economic growth

ICT & Telecoms

The labors taken in upgrading the digital and telecommunications network of Equatorial Guinea cannot go understated. The investments in information, communications and telecommunications (ICT) infrastructure have been instrumental in modernizing the country and have had a multiplier effect on other economic sectors. In 2008, Equatorial Guinea started work on the 287-kilometer Ceiba-1 underwater cable, which connected the capital of Malabo and Bata. The $17.5 million investment, completed in 2011, multiplied by 140 times the installed internet capacity of Equatorial Guinea.


In 2012, Equatorial Guinea expanded its broadband connectivity when it connected to the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable in Bata. It then proceeded to extend those benefits to 19 other cities by building the 1,000-square-kilometer national fiber optic network. A key reference point of the country’s investments is Sipopo, a city which served as the headquarters of the African Union Summit in 2011 and offers its residents and tenants: broadband internet; Wi-Fi in all buildings; IPTV; and video surveillance and conferencing.

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March 30, 2015