Agriculture & Forestry

Lack of competition and multiple export channels are big advantages for this sector

Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture and forestry, including the timber industry, employs around 70 percent of Equatorial Guinea’s population while the sector meets 30 percent of local demand for products. The climate and large area of land (three quarters of the country’s land is available) make Equatorial Guinea an ideal climate for growing tropical and sub-tropical crops. The country produced more than 456,000 cubic meters of timber in 2014 and the government aims to further develop this sector.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry seeks investment in training and education, improved breeds and new inputs, modern systems and infrastructure to modernize farming in the country. Opportunities for investors include food and timber production, supply cycle businesses and processing/packaging facilities. A growing domestic market, established export channels and strong government will to develop the sector create excellent conditions for doing business.

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March 30, 2015