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Enormous effort has gone into reducing Equatorial Guinea’s dependence on petroleum revenues and diversifying the economy. Discover each of the sectors and the myriad projects that are open for investment.

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The Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy of Equatorial Guinea describes what makes the oil and gas market one of the most attractive in Africa
Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry outlines the country’s plan to reduce food imports and expand local capacity
Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Economy, Planning and Public Investments says the country must develop its private sector if it is to meet its economic objectives


  • 11 May Diverse Countries And Common Goals

    H.E. Thomas Boni Yayi is former President of the Republic of Benin and served as a key ambassador between Equatorial Guinea and the Arab world. The following is an article from the former President on the importance of strengthening relations between Equatorial Guinea and Saudi......

  • 10 May Equatorial Guinea Turns to Arabia for New Partners

    Equatorial Guinea expansion of ties with Arab countries comes at a key time in the country’s development, as the Government of Equatorial aims to attract investment to grow the economy, especially in the key sectors of downstream oil and gas, agriculture and livestock and fisheries.......

  • 02 May A New Arab-Africa Alliance Emerges

    Saudi Arabia and Equatorial Guinea’s interests are aligning following a series of high-level meetings, including the 4th Africa-Arab World Summit held in Malabo in 2016 and Equatorial Guinea’s bid to join OPEC earlier this year. An economic forum in Jeddah on May 10, 2017 will examine......

  • 22 Jan In low oil price situation, Equatorial Guinea shifts export strategy

    India is one of Equatorial Guinea’s biggest importers of crude oil, but much of these sales have been the work of middlemen selling spot cargoes. That is about to change as part of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy’s shifting petroleum export strategy with......

  • 22 Jan Despite low price, oil production presses on

    Even as Equatorial Guinea’s crude trades at 65 percent below its level in October 2014, its leadership is resolved to keep output levels unchanged. Meanwhile, the government is working with operators to allocate more gas capacity at the Punta Europa plant.   Equatorial Guinea’s crude......