Economic Forum gets underway with gala dinner festivities

DALIAN, CHINA –  On the evening of April 29, 2015, the Government of Equatorial Guinea launched the Equatorial Guinea-Asia Economic Forum, with a gala dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel, in Dalian. The Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy, His Excellency Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, welcomed hundreds of guests to the event held at the prestigious hotel.


The city of Dalian was represented by the Deputy Mayor, Lu Lin, whom during his introduction speech, said,  “The city of Dalian is an old friend of Equatorial Guinea because as opposed to other Chinese cities, H.E. President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has honored the city with various visits, demonstrating that Dalian is an important part of the development of his country.”


Meanwhile, the president of China Dalian International Cooperation Group, Mr. Zhu Mingyi, expressed his thanks to the Government of Equatorial Guinea for its continued support and said, “Our business has been like a seed that has grown and now is strong like a tree. We have earned the trust of the people of Equatorial Guinea and their government.”


The Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy, H.E. Obiang Lima, said he was grateful for the interest shown by the Chinese business sector in learning about economic opportunities to be presented by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. He stressed that during the official activities of the Economic Forum, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea would use the occasion to present all its attractions as a country, as a center for investment, and “as guarantor of a growing economy full of opportunities.” H.E. was confident the Forum would be successful and that it would help pave the way for stronger ties of investment and cooperation between the two countries. “That is why we are proud to have you join us this evening,” H.E. Obiang Lima said, “because we understand that you want to share the dreams of this great family that is the Republic of Equatorial Guinea; being the nerve center of the entire economy of the Sub-Region.”


Additionally, Ministers of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, as well as representatives of the government of Dalian, participated. Among the Ministries present were: H.E. Juan Nko Mbula, Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure; H.E. Eucario Bacale Angue and Valentín Ela Maye, Minister and Vice Minister of Economy, Planning and Public Investment, respectively.