A New Investment Partner

 With the launch of Holding Equatorial Guinea, the state’s investment company, investors now have a partner to assist in developing national ventures and co-financing projects.


Holding Equatorial Guinea promotes economic diversification by investing budget surplus funds in projects that reduce the country’s reliance on finite hydrocarbons resources. The holding company administers and manages the Co-Investment Fund, which was established by HE President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in 2014 with initial capital of $1 billion. Funds are directed towards projects in agriculture, fisheries, petrochemicals, mining, tourism and transportation that are deemed viable and profitable.


Holding Equatorial Guinea acts as a co-financer of projects, with a share of between 1 and 49 percent of each new venture. Investors, both foreign and domestic, should provide a majority funding share, with management and leadership corresponding to the senior partner. The holding company also facilitates administration and streamlines the set-up of new national ventures. Holding Equatorial Guinea acts as a private commercial partner (rather than a government partner), subject to OHADA regulations.


Invest in EG with Holding Equatorial Guinea. Visit www.holdingequatorialguinea.com for details.