EG government to host economic forum in Dalian, China

MALABO, EQUATORIAL GUINEA – The government of Equatorial Guinea will host a high-level economic forum gathering top leaders to promote investment opportunities and offer unique insights on the West African country. The Equatorial Guinea-Asia Economic Forum, to be held on April 30 in Dalian, China, will come on the heels of a two-day state visit to Beijing by HE President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and will highlight a history of strong cooperation between the two countries.


President Obiang will present the keynote address to an audience of Asian government officials and business executives. Also delivering presentations at the forum are Equatorial Guinea ministers from key economic sectors, including the Minister of Finance and Budgets; the Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy; the Minister of Health and Welfare; and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.



The objective of the Equatorial Guinea-Asia Economic Forum will be to connect Equatorial Guinea’s leadership with Asia’s investment community, attract foreign direct investment and promote various sectors of the economy. Equatorial Guinea, the fourth largest oil and gas producer in Sub-Saharan Africa, has been striving to diversify its economy by reducing its dependence on hydrocarbon revenues. President Obiang’s state visit to Beijing and the forum in the northeastern seaport of Dalian sends a resounding message of Equatorial Guinea’s intentions to forge even stronger economic ties with Asia’s economies.


HE Minister Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima said: “Equatorial Guinea has a rich and prosperous history of economic cooperation with Asia’s economies. The forum is a momentous occasion to revisit old friends and forge new partnerships. As Equatorial Guinea drives forward ambitious plans of industrialization and economic diversification, we welcome investment across sectors, including oil and gas, mining, agriculture and health.”


In 2015, Equatorial Guinea and China are celebrating 45 years of bilateral relations that are rooted in durable trade and economic ties. In January, President Obiang welcomed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the African Palace in Bata to deepen the diplomatic relationship. Chinese investment has been heavily implicated in Equatorial Guinea’s Horizon 2020 plan for industrialization and economic diversification. Chinese construction companies have built much of Equatorial Guinea’s government infrastructure and the Chinese government has identified modernizing the agricultural and marine sectors and developing the coastal economy as important areas for future cooperation.