Open the Mbini Gates

Located on the coast of the continental Rio Muni region just south of the city of Mbini, the special economic zone will be the ultimate venue for competitive structuring in a globalized environment. The area will comprise more than 20 million square meters of commercial, residential and industrial facilities with special economic incentives for foreign investors. With close proximity to major population centers, Mbini will be considered a key commercial point within Central and West Africa.


Mbini will provide high-level modern infrastructure, including gas and power plants, a waste disposal unit, and telecommunication, water and fire prevention networks. It will have its own airport, seaport and rail transport links with direct road access, ensuring effective logistics services. Mbini will provide facilities for banking institutions, administrative offices and conference facilities, making it a hub for manufacturing and industry in Central Africa. The Government of Equatorial Guinea is currently evaluating proposals to build infrastructure and implement industrial projects.


Mbini image 1


Key Objectives of Mbini

  1. Diversify the economy of Equatorial Guinea
  2. Export manufactured products throughout Africa and the rest of the world
  3. Attract global industrial companies and build factories for multiple industries
  4. Create high quality jobs
  5. Capitalize on the wealth of natural resources and raw materials in Equatorial Guinea


Mbini image 2